ArriveDepart for iPhones

Arrive/Depart for iPhone

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Arrive/Depart is a simple, straightforward, and easy way to capture billable hours on your iPhone. Designed for the average person who wants a single function, efficient, quick to learn, tool for time recording. Tap when you arrive, tap when you leave. That’s it.


  • quick and easy to learn, tap once to start billable time, tap once to end, tap once to save. that’s it.
  • large, legible buttons for ease of use
  • notes for each service
  • choose services and locations separately for better recording
  • add, edit, and delete service and location titles
  • all times, services, locations, and notes are fully editable
  • view each service separately
  • view each recorded service event separately
  • total time listed for each service
  • see individual services and total times grouped by date range
  • single task functionality

Who should use Arrive/Depart:

  • consultants, lawyers, and anyone who needs to track hours, especially billable hours
  • anyone who has trouble navigating and controlling the average app designed for people with small, steady fingers, and perfect eyesight
  • anyone who just wants to quickly record time used for a particular task
  • anyone who doesn’t have the time or patience to figure out various and unnecessary features for each new app

Who should consider some other app instead:

  • people who want lots of features in their apps and don’t mind clutter or small buttons

Does not feature

  • confusing options that try to cover every possibility
  • multiple functions and uses
  • a design that requires excellent eye-hand coordination to operate

Arrive/Depart for iPhone