We’re always working on something.  Here’s a sampling of some of the projects, in various stages of development, that we have in the lab.

Depth Charge

Depth Charge – Pit your torpedo skills against enemy subs, depth charges, and mines in the North Atlantic during the dark days of the war.

In My World – Gain a better understanding of the world of Autism by seeing what its like to experience your everyday world through the senses of an autistic child.  An educational tool to help siblings, parents, family members, classmates, and others.

Picture That – A pictorial To Do list to help anyone having memory problems remember daily tasks.  Family members can be informed when tasks have been completed.  The list repopulates at the beginning of each day.

Get What Now? – Create a pictorial list of frequently bought favorite items from the grocery store.  Don’t have time to shop?  Click each needed item and send them to your spouse to pick up on the way home. No excuses anymore for buying the wrong type of bread. Works for meals, too.


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